How to Write in APA Style

hi my name is Tamara from servicescape comm and on this episode we’ll discuss how to write and format a paper in APA style or American Psychological Association style we’ll discuss what APA style is and why we use it what your paper should look like from fonts to margins to line spacing and then we’ll explore the finer details like in-text citations and formatting your title abstract and references page by the end of this tutorial we should be able to confidently write an APA style paper using correct formatting and citations now let’s begin our lesson in APA style APA style is most commonly used in scientific writing and social sciences writing in subjects like criminology anthropology and psychology in 1929 a group of psychologists anthropologists and scientists got together and decided that they should write down style rules for scientific writing so that readers could better understand what they were trying to say from these rules APA style was born it’s no secret that many writers struggle with minut details of writing / style guide such as APA MLA or Chicago Manual of style they may often wonder why it matters that things are formatted just so the reason why it’s so important to get the formatting and citation Styles correct is so that the writer can build a rapport with the reader if you are presenting facts especially if they are controversial facts then it’s important to establish a sense of credibility with the reader so that they are more likely to trust the information that is presented for example if your research about voting patterns among women between the ages of 18 and 25 has resulted in some new findings but you chose to use a font that’s difficult to read and your in-text citations are incomplete so that the reader can’t check where your facts are coming from they’re not going to be convinced of all the facts that you’re writing about this isn’t the desired result for you as the researcher so it’s crucial to get these small details right before you begin writing the body of your paper you should make sure that your paper is formatted correctly in APA style you should always write on a standard eight-and-a-half by 11 page using 12-point font double spaced with one-inch margins on all sides use an easily readable font APA recommends using the standard Times New Roman font you should also have a running header on your paper this consists of your paper title in all caps which is flush left and the page number which is flush right the paper title in the running header should not be longer than 50 characters including punctuation and spaces for all APA papers you should have four sections a title page an abstract a main body and references abbreviations are one of the trickier punctuation rules because they change depending on what style of writing you’re doing because APA style was written with highly technical documents in mind the abbreviation rules are very important to pay attention to in APA style it’s best to only use abbreviations when it will lend to the readers understanding if you have too many abbreviations the text will read more like code which isn’t useful when you’re trying to decipher complicated subject matter always spell out the abbreviation on first reference and then follow with the abbreviated spelling in parentheses there are exceptions of course in the cases of well-known abbreviations such as PhD or DNA there’s also no need to spell out standard measuring units like foot or pound generally do not put periods in between letters of abbreviations unless abbreviating US or UK or if it is a Latin abbreviation such as eg ie or etc presenting data is one of the hallmarks of APA style whether you’re writing for the Social Sciences or the hard sciences it’s likely that you will be introducing some sort of data set within your paper at one point because of this it’s important that you know the correct way to present it per APA style rules charts and figures must be between two and three point to five inches wide if one column and be between four point two five and six point eight seven five inches wide if two columns all text within charts and figures should be in sans-serif font meaning that you would have to choose a font like hell medaka area or Geneva the font size must be between eight and fourteen point so that the audience can easily read the text you must also caption any figures within your paper the caption consists of a figure number and a short sentence explaining what the figure is and how it relates though having charts and graphs within your paper is a great tool for your readers you need to discern with great care whether or not the chart or figure is applicable and would lend to the readers understanding in other words don’t just have a chart for the sake of having a chart now we’ll move on to the formatting of the title page the title page is the first page of your paper it should have your running header at the top and then centered in the upper half of the page should be your paper title the author’s name and the institution’s name listed in title caps try to keep your title as concise as you can it’s best to not have it go over 12 words or two lines if you can help it your title page should not include any abbreviations unless it is absolutely necessary for length reasons it is always best to spell out all words within a title after your title page is the abstract which is one of the most important pieces of an APA paper the abstract is on its own separate page before the main body of the paper it summarizes in one paragraph what your papers purpose is the main points in the text what methods you used and any conclusions you came to because you have to be so sick synced in writing the abstract it’s recommended that you wait until you have the rest of your paper written to complete it as far as formatting goes the word abstract will be centered at the top of the page and the actual abstract paragraph written out below in double-spaced lines and 12-point font if you choose to list any key words from your paper start a new line and type the word keywords in italics followed by a colon the keywords are listed afterward but are not italicized as you write the main body of your paper you will undoubtedly be citing a lot of sources to back up claims that you make when you are citing or quoting something from a journal newspaper magazine or book then you need to format it appropriately APA uses the format of author or author’s last name seems followed by the year of publication in all in-text citations there are specific rules depending on how many authors wrote the original source if you are citing or quoting something with two authors use both of their names with every signal phrase or citation if you are citing or quoting something with three to five authors list all authors in the first reference but write the first author’s name and then add out in subsequent references if you are citing or quoting something with six authors write the first author’s name and then add out in all references if your author is unknown use the title of the source followed by the year once you have written the entirety of your paper you’ll need to make a reference page so that readers can learn more about your sources and verify your information if needed there are some basic formatting rules you’ll need to follow for your reference page the word references should be centered at the top without bold italics or underlining reference lists should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author in every entry after the first line of every entry there should be a half-inch indent for readability periodical names and book titles should be italicized lastly use a DOI or a digital object identifier in reference instead of a URL whenever possible as URLs can change easily as you can see there are a lot of rules and formatting issues to pay attention to when writing a paper in APA style if you have any questions on the specifics of APA style be sure to refer to the publication manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition this manual contains everything you will need to know about APA style and formatting these formatting and citation rules are crucial so that the reader has trust in the writer and researchers work thank you for watching I hope this short tutorial helps you to write a properly formatted APA style paper with confidence subscribe to our channel to get updates on new videos and check out service scape com for your freelance editing and writing needs

Writing Essays — Student Help 5

hello and welcome to another rightly twitterings my name’s michael Jax I’m the author of some 43:44 books and I’m running this series of videos to try to help students with their essay writing now I have been looking at different aspects of work over the last few weeks so I’ve covered some aspects of looking at essays I’ve covered some different bits of software I will be going into other software packages later but it occurred to me today that it would probably be worthwhile going back to first principles because quite a few students are going to be coming up against deadlines for essays now and so I thought okay let’s go through the process of how you actually write an essay because the sad fact is what happens all too often is that a student will be given an essay to write they’ll run off to the library sit in the library and get huge amounts of information and then try to compress all of that information into one coherent essay and it often doesn’t work but the more information you get the longer you sit there in the library getting more and more references more and more bits of information the more the library acts like a comfort blanket because while you’re there you’re working and you feel as though you’re justifying your existence but of course you’re not because you’re not writing an essay you’re sitting there gathering information and with all too many students they will sit in the library until one day before the essays due in they’ll rush home and try to form some sort of logical essay out of all the information they’ve gathered and then they get very upset when they get a B or a C when they’re looking at their report that their marks so what I thought it would be worthwhile doing was just looking at what my approach would be in terms of writing an essay this is based on my own experience as a writer for quite a few years but it’s also based on my experience at Exeter University teaching there were medical students legal law students business management students there were English students historians all types of different people but they all basically had the same issue when it came to writing essays so what is the jex approach to writing an essay yes you need to go to the library yes you need to find your references but before you do that first of all decide roughly what your essay is going to be you’ve been given a question you’ve been given something to investigate something to explore something to argue so consider that before looking up any references what is your own personal opinion about the question or the response that you should be giving when you’ve done that write out what your response is and that is an outline conclusion just put down roughly what you think would make sense in terms of responding once you’ve done that you need to have a good idea about how long it’s going to take you to work on this essay I don’t mean doing the research I mean the little things such as when you’re writing an essay yes you’ve got to do research but then you’ve got to plan out how the essay is going to work you’ve got to leave time for the writing now for me writing one and a half thousand words is easy that’s an afternoon’s work for you who are not necessarily so used to writing it could take three four days you’ve got to allocate time for editing so you’ve got to go back and make sure you spell to everything correctly make sure the grammar is right make sure that you haven’t forgotten to put in some full stops and things make sure it all flows and then when you’ve done all that you’ve edited and so on you need to read it aloud is it absolutely vital because you will miss almost every error that you’ve made when you’re just reading it on a screen if you read something on a screen you will miss over 60% of all of the issues that are there print it out because when you’ve got it on a sheet of paper we’ll see more typos but also read aloud because when you see words on a page whether it’s on the screen or on a sheet of paper in front of you no matter how care for you are you will see on the page what you thought you had written so you do miss a lot of typos but when you read it and you get your mouth moving at the same time you’ll suddenly find that you’re stumbling where there are errors you may see it and in your mind it might look perfectly correct but your mouth will slow down and stumble so it’s a strange thing but all authors know this so you need to leave time to read your whole essay aloud there’s one of the half thousand words that’s going to take you a fair bit of reading then when you’ve done that you need to go through on a final edit putting all of the corrections for the typos and so on back in and then proof check it one last time just to make sure that everything’s perfect before you give it into your tutor and when I say proof checking I mean for example if you’ve left a nickname for your tutor because you couldn’t remember what his or her name was make sure you’ve taken out the nickname and put the correct name in there please it’s the sort of thing that I’ve seen done before so with all of those aspects to be done you need to form a timeline that will leave you enough time to get all of all of the aspects finished and completed so you’re not rushing on the very last day before you have to give it in on deadline you need to allocate enough time for the research for the planning for the writing for the editing for the reading aloud final edits and proof checking so you can get all of that done at least the day before the deadline is now as I said earlier I think libraries are a bit of a comfort blanket you can sit there gathering up information for days weeks I’ve seen several students do it for weeks but you are not expected to distill the last two thousand years of learning into one one and a half thousand word essay all the tutor will expect to see from you is that you have researched diligently that you’ve got the relevant series of arguments to form your own conclusion they’re not expecting you to find absolutely everything that’s been written about the subject they want to see that you’ve got a coherent thought process and that you can logically flow the certain follow the same argument through an essay be kind to your tutors don’t try to think of the most obscure polysyllabic words which they then have to go to a dictionary to look up treat it as though you’re explaining a principle to someone who’s very much younger than yourself deal with short sentences deal with shorter words ideally keep it all simple so that someone reading through it can follow the flow quickly and easily because at the end of the day your tutor wants to get back to watching Coronation Street or listening to the artists or whatever it may be they don’t want to be spending all night trying to understand what it was that you wrote so that’s the main message I think from this video is understand all the different aspects you’ve got to do make sure you leave time to do your research yes but you need to leave good amounts of time afterwards to go and do the writing to do the editing the reading aloud the final edit the copy edit so that everything is in place without stressing yourself ready for the tutor don’t think you’ve got to get every aspects of every atom of information for the last two thousand years all you have to worry about is a logical discrete series of facts series of steps that take you through to an argument so that when you’re presenting your facts to your tutor they can see a logical flow you won’t expect to see all the history of the argument going back to the Greeks necessarily he just wants to see a logical flow that makes sense so that’s about it I hope that’s useful if it is do please hit the like button subscribe tell your friends about it share it all that good sort of stuff if you’ve got any questions please put them in at the bottom I’ll be delighted to answer and apart from that thank you very much for watching and I look forward to seeing you again soon Cheers you

I PAID Someone to Write a Medical School Application ESSAY. This is what I got..

hey everyone welcome back to the med bro channel so today what we’re gonna do is a very exciting video and we are going to be looking at some essay writing services and what that is is a service where somebody pays somebody else or a company to write them a letter or an essay or you know whatever it is that you need written for your classes you would pay somebody and they would get it back to you so we’re gonna find out what’s going on with this business we’re gonna ask them for an essay and we’re gonna look at it and we’re gonna analyze is it good is it worth it and then we’re going to talk about is it ethical that we should even be doing this the first step is going to be get on the website and we’re gonna put together the essay that we want and we’re gonna see the pricing and how everything works so let’s get right into it so the plan for today to keep it very interesting is we are gonna ask them for a medical school admission essay so the website already have pulled up here I just Google essay writing service and we’re gonna go with the first one that comes up at the top which I assume is at least one of the top five that people are using and that’s great minors already I don’t want personal information out here I don’t want to be associated with any of these just for the video so let’s get into this and make this as anonymous as possible a lot of concerns would this come from people getting essays from these sites submitting them and then the essays are put through a plagiarism checker and they’re actually caught for plagiarism so that is a big concern I’m looking at this and they’ve already you know on their guarantees they’re already guaranteeing things like plagiarism checks and uniqueness so I assume this is a concern that they have ironed out somehow maybe they have their own checker that they put it through but we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find out and we’re gonna put it through our own little plagiarism check so they’re asking us a few parameters here before they calculate the price a base price it looks like it’s 1784 just like a standard college essay so for the instructions let’s keep it very big volunteered hospitals shadow we are doctors what else do medical students to do I play the piano okay I so we are done putting together all of that stuff on this great minors website we’re gonna be asked them for a one-page medical school admissions essay with pretty generic statistics nothing really extraordinary happening with a student a lot of people are on this boat so we’re gonna see is this worth it is he worth it even to look at what they come up with for $24 a total $24 is it worth it to use this as a primary essay I’m very excited to see this so stay tuned for the rest of this video I think that’s done for what I’m shooting today and then we’re gonna skip ahead to when I get the essay and start analyzing it okay guys we are back and let’s get right into this I’m super excited to see what these writers have come up with so let’s get to it so one thing to note is they actually got back to me in four days so I purchased the essay which I gave them seven days to do and they got it to me a little early so that is that is cool I can see they give me a free revision that expires on March 11 so throughout this entire process I actually was not contacted by the writer to elaborate on anything or provide any additional information enough waiting let’s get right into what they gave me so interesting let’s see I’m really excited all right so an application essay so since an early age already kind of cliche in there but we’ll accept it since an early age I have been intrigued by the biological functions of an organism okay right off the bat I can already this is very very insightful as me already because I don’t know how many essays start with a very similar pattern for medical school admissions even mine like started out like this for my rough drafts and it was since early age I’ve been intrigued by something you know the human body helping people you know biology etc the sciences already I mean they’re going down that path but let’s see where they take it the human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems and with the complex structure which is a unique beauty Wow okay made biology classes my major interest which instigated my enhancement I feel like definitely there’s a component of going on here this person is definitely definitely just typing in words on the source and then picking the really difficult sounding words and then throwing it on to you it’s kind of very obvious the school was the first place where I came to realize the importance of pursuing the calling and thus I was highly motivated to plunge in the atmosphere of medical sciences alright this is this is a shaky start for sure this intro is a shaky start to my experience which includes a red call here they’re actually using the stuff I gave them which includes a red cross missions volunteering at hospitals and that Asian Medical Students Association did they wait did I write that hold on we got to look into this what AMSA oh and do they just Google AMSA it’s American Medical Student Association they were Asian where do they even get that from maybe I told them all to Asian throughout I don’t remember what I put in here I instigated a pragmatic approach to and provided psychological support being an emergency all right things are starting to fall apart guys things are starting to fall apart really fast and go downhill being an emergency room doctor I implemented my knowledge to assist doctors in treating infections and injuries performed follow-up visits and created treatment plans so any university is at its core is a place to capitalize dude like I know you probably just wrote this I like 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. or 12 a.m. totally just you know half-assing yet on the side probably while watching TV or something like that like this is this is this is not good at all so okay guys so we have shaman on the line and he’s gonna go through and read what he thinks about this essay so go ahead trum and just quickly give us your reaction to this amazing medical school application essay exactly exactly what I said the school man this essays about his school this is I say isn’t even about medical school admissions I mean I did write I am a pretty generic students instructions I paid 24 and I paid for I think four or five extra dollars for getting an elite writer top writers is one of their top writers I know I know the other it’s like some seventh grader do this is about to go to sleep as I got and another thing hold on I’m gonna put it through a plagiarism checker as well oh dude it says here I put on grammar least plagiarism checker and it says plagiarism was detected they were the word choice the style it’s all highlighted under plagiarism all right there you have it guys so that was the analysis of this essay from me chumming beneath wouldn’t answer but I mean she’s gonna say the same thing this is definitely a waste of your money and it’s better to you know even put out something that is your subpar work rather than putting someone else’s subpar work out front and even if it was the best writer in the world it’s still better and I would say you might even get better grades if you write a more inferior essay but it’s coming from your thoughts and your mind and your writing style it’s gonna show and it’s gonna just be a better piece of work I just wanted to look at what kind of essay we would get back because you do see these companies kind of really growing and being advertised everywhere there are so many of them and there are a lot of users there are a lot of people out there using these services so be cautious stay away from these services as you can clearly see that was a trash essay so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe and like and share the videos and there’s a lot of other helpful videos out on the channel so make sure if you’re new you check those out and we will see you guys in the next one [Music]